Outdoor learning is not a permanent curricular component in basic training of elementary school teachers, despite the rich pedagogical potentials, and teachers acqurie their outdoor learning competences through sporadic in-service training.

Most of the actual outdoor practise in the elementary school system tends to focus on environmental, personal, social and health aspects in pupils general education, and is limited to the school subjects related logically to the outdoor "room", such as natural science and sports (Nichols and Sczcespanski, 2005).

The Aims of this project is

  • To increase teachers basic competences in outdoor learning methodology
  • To expand the outdoor learning focus from environmental, personal, social and health perspectives toward curricular perspectives by introducing a subject-oriented methodology in teachers basic education
  • To transfer the traditional teacher training practise from inservice training to systematic basic education

This is done by developing and offering 2 kinds of one-week courses at the involved partner institutions:

a Foundation Course and 6 Subject oriented courses