This project involves partners from 6 european contries:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Czech Republic. All the partner institutions is engaged in teacher education, and has long experience in teaching students to elementary schools. One extra partner, Estonian School forest Society, has special competences in estonian nature and environmental schools.

The partners are chosen from criterias of sustainability and experience. They represent 3 levels of experiences with teaching outdoor learning at the teachers academy: From the the most advanced institutions in Europe with long and continuing traditions for outdoor learning and even some subject oriented activities (Sweden and Norway), over institutions with less but expanding traditions (Czech republic and Denmark) to institutions where outdoor learning is almost or completely absent but with expressions of interest for integrating the area in their curriculum (Latvia and Estonia).


List of partners and related institutions:

Læreruddannelsen i Nørre Nissum


Linköping University

Estonian School forests

Tallinn University

Univerzit Karlova V Prazea

Høgskolen i Hedmark

Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy